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  Reunion 05

 1.海外同学代表与杜夫人见面     2.杜红穗同学英年早逝         3.悼念杜红穗文摘

12, I was shocked and saddened to learn about the passing of Du Hongsui.  How can that be?

 The first time I met him was during the medical checkup before we could enroll in GW77.  Du was the first one in the lineup for the vision exam.  He aced it with 20/20 vision.  I was next in line.  I was extremely anxious and nervous, worrying about my eye sight and so on.  Du walked by me, flashed his good-natured smile, and asked me jokingly whether I needed help to read the chart.  That distracted me from worrying and I did pass the vision exam, maybe not quite 20/20.  We both showed up in the English Department.

Remember, he was a skilled basketball player?  And he was also the coach for the 77 Girls’ Basketball Team!  I played as a backup guard.  Cui Xiaoling and Fang Guanhong were the regular guards.  Under Du’s coaching, we cruised our way to the finals, against the Teaching Staff Team.  By half time, we were behind.  The usually brilliant Cui Xiaoling was injured and tired, so the coach sent me to the court to replace Cui.  We fought our way back within two points, one basket, before we ran out of time.  So close. The girls and the coach lamented the loss together.  Then with his easy-going smile, he said “next time.”  Even though I don’t think we played another tournament, those games were ever memorable.

In the summer of 2003, a group of GW77ers had a gathering in the Fengshou Shanzhuang Restaurant right beside the GW campus.  After dinner, Du Hongsui gave me a ride home to my brother’s condo on Huanshi Road and Jianshe Da Road.  Besides me in the car were Zhao Heng and Zhou Nan.  Zhao Heng teased him about how his chauffer attentatively ushered him into the limousine in front of the China Hotel, obviously on his way to a business meeting.  Again with that same gentle easy-going smile, he said he liked to drive himself whenever he could.  We had a jolly time all the way from Huang Po Dong.  He found a spot to stop on the busy Huanshi Road, right across from the 60-plus stories Guangdong Hotel.  I said thank you and good-bye, and hurried out of his car.  I waved from the sidewalk as he pulled away and merged into the busy evening traffic. 

May the fond memories of his fulfilled life give strengths to his wife, Xiao Pan, and all of his friends during this grieving time.
Li Jiemei

1.I am so much shocked and saddened by this news. We had a dinner in NY with Du when he came here last year. His passing away is a great loss to Grade 77.
Gu Jinwei

2.It was with a sense of shock and sorrow that I learned of the untimely passing away of Du Hongsui! I know that these feelings are shared by all GW77er who knew him and had contact with him over the years. He will be sorely missed by all of us.
Zhang Xiaoxi

3.To All GW 77th Grade Schoolmates:I would like to express my profound sadness and sorrowat the untimely passing away of Lao Du, my dear friendand schoolmate. I have been planning to visit him inGuangzhou since last year. Now, I am terribly sorry tosay that I regret not taking the trip earlier. I willmiss him and share our fond memories of him.My deep condolences to his family.
Dave Fenghe Diao

4.I was so shock to learn Du passed away.He was young,only about 50 years old. I met him in Guangzhou two years ago and found him ingood healthy.It's really hard to accept his paassing away.We played basketball together at Guangwai for 4 years.To me, he was an elder brother. Like all of you ,I deeply miss him forever.
wu gang chen

5.It is with deep grief to have learnt of the shocking news about theuntimely loss of one of our talented alumni, Du Hong Sui, the Smoker. Hehad always been a cheerful and optimistic companion among us. It is reallydifficult just trying to simply grasp the reality of his passing away atsuch a young age. He is dearly missed by us all. My thoughts are with himand his family.May he rest in peace in all blessings.My deepest sympathy and most sincere condolences for such a sad occasion.
Li Pei

6.I am shocked to learn that Du Hongsui passed away at such a young age. He was always a jolly soul who knew how to enjoy life and lived it to the full. I was fortunate to have been his classmate for almost four years and had had the opportunities to meet him in New York several times, the last of which was only in 2006. I will always cherish his memory.
Yuan Dexin

7. I was so much shocked by the news! In my memory, he was such an energetic person! It was a pity that I missed the chance to have dinner with him when he came to visit NYC last year! Can't believe he's left us forever! He will be missed by all GW77ers! My thoughts are with his family.
Lin Ge

8.I'm deeply, deeply saddened by the shocking news of the passing of our schoolmate and dear friend Du Hongsui. He had always been a kind soul to everyone around him. I was fortunate to meet him all three times when he visited Los Angeles in the last 15 years or so, in his capacity as Guangzhou Foreign Affairs official as well as the Deputy General Manager of the Great China Hotel. One could be easily drawn closer to him by his cunning charm. In the album of GW77 website, I think Ah Liang posted a couple of pictures with our Smoker laughing and enjoying a piece of blackened chicken wing during a BBQ gathering in his honor hosted by Li Lee and Xiao Xin in Cerritos, California.Ah Du will be fondly remembered.
Zhao Youhua



10.I am so sorry to hear about this sad news. I still remember the last time I saw Du Hong Sui in SF when he came to US for a visit and that was about 20 years ago. His young and energetic image will live in our memory forever.This is also a wake up call to all of us that we are now entering our middle age and we definitely need to take care of our health. Eat healthy,worry less and exercise regularly. Life is short and let us enjoy it as long as we could.
Huang Yihe

我和杜红穗”SMOKER”一直有联系.在学校是邻班和邻宿舍,我们有相同经历,都是带薪读书,经常一起活动.较为深印象的是他从家里带来一枝气枪,射杀宿舍后面的大老鼠.毕业后他在广东外办,工作上经常来往和我见面. 他来美国大概有5,6,去年来三藩市纽约,前几年来洛杉叽都有跟我们同学见面和联系.
杜红穗喜欢交际,烟酒不离.在大酒店任职时,经常和当地部队企业来往搞关系,他的酒量,用他自己的话来说,"杀晒"(无人相比). 去年来三藩市,同学都劝他不能嗜烟如命.他原来在外办调到大酒店时考虑到每个月的收入胜过外办一年才去的.近几年,他周末都去打球钓鱼,应该是劳逸结合.可惜,几个月的时间说走就走了,无缘于自己的事业和财富,真是令人感叹和戒备.
我希望他没有遗憾没有痛苦地往另外一个世界去了. 失了一位豪爽,侃谈,助人,引以为豪的同学我感到痛心可惜,但我也有欣慰的,他的一生虽短,但价值高,质量不凡,有值得庆幸的地方来勉励我们好好生活.

1.海外同学代表与杜夫人见面     2.杜红穗同学英年早逝         3.悼念杜红穗文摘

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