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  Reunion 05

 1.海外同学代表与杜夫人见面     2.杜红穗同学英年早逝          3.悼念杜红穗文摘

Today is Sunday December 9th 2007. At 8:30 am, I (Qiao Xin) arrived at Guangzhou Shamian. Thanks to Lin Guo Jian's arrangement, I met Du Hong Sui's wife Xiao Pan in a quite restaurant and conveyed the deepest condolence of all alumni of GW 77 Grade in Northern America. Representing all of you, I gave Xiao Pan the sympathy card (please see my enclosed pictures in my next e-mail) and handed over to her the US$1401 in cash, donated by 29 alumni (see names below).

As Xiao Pan read the sympathy card, tears rolled down her face and I was trying very hard to hold my own. I could see the same in Lin Guo Jian's face across the table. It was a very emotional moment. One by one, Xiao Pan read out the 29 names on the card. When she came across some names she was familiar with, she would stop to tell us how and when she came to know these people. It seemed that each of us was so close to her and our condolence really meant a lot for her. I mentioned to her that the once-quite GW77 e-mail line was suddenly flooded with condolences from GW77 alumni all over the world. Xiao Pan was very moved that we all remembered and respected Du so well. The three of us talked more than 2 hours. Later, Gu Jing Wei, who happened to be in Guangzhou on business, also called to talk to Xiao Pan for a few minutes.

During the meeting, Xiao Pan sighed many many times. She was still in disbelieve that Du was gone (what made it especially hard for her is that they did not have children and Xiao Pan is now alone by herself ). Yet, she treasured the 20 some years of happy life together with Du, specially the last 7 years when Du was working as Deputy Manager of China Hotel, one of the best hotels in China. When she mentioned how she would often sit by Du as the wife of the host in many extravagant banquets or how they met the Queen of England and many other dignities visiting the hotel, I was certain that I saw the sorrow on her face rise up to pride and content. She used the phrase "the concentrated 50 year"  to describe the short by quality life of Du. In the end, she thanked again all GW alumni for their sympathy and care, which is the most she needs now.

The 29 alumni who donated for the Du's are: Feng Yongliang, Gu Jinwei, Huang Yihe, Lei Zeshen and Li Lan, Li Pei, Liang Xiaohong, Liao Guohong, Lin Ge, Liu Heping and Sun Ming, Luo Yaoming, Qiao Xin and Lily, Tang He, Xiao Da and Dai Penfen, Yu Han Ping, Yuan Dexin, Zhang Xiaoxi, Zhao Youhua and He Ping, Zheng Xiangye and Zhang Caihong, Zhong Wenhui, Zhou Xiong Yao, Lin Yang Ming, Li Ke Kang

1.海外同学代表与杜夫人见面     2.杜红穗同学英年早逝          3.悼念杜红穗文摘

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